Octagon Terrace Pool

fountain pool

This mains free, weather treated, timber pool is a perfect way to bring water into the garden

Setting up and running
  • Freedom to instantly locate anywhere
  • Powered by revolutionary Lithium battery system
  • Able to run for up to a week without charging (2 hours a day)
  • Quick to recharge battery (within 5 hours)
  • LED light for beautiful night-time illumination
  • A weather treated timber design to compliment any garden
  • Includes pump, 4 fountain options, LED light, Lithium re-chargable battery, built in timer control panel, charger and step by step guide


The Octagon Terrace Pool holds enough water to allow you to plant with a selection of marginal pond plants. Not only will these be an attractive addition to the feature, plants help reduce algae growth by sheltering the water from the sun, and absorbing any nitrates. Wildlife will also benefit, as aquatic plants play an important role in the lifecycle of some butterflies and other insects.

Put the pond plant pot directly onto the base of the pool, or raise up on something to bring the plant nearer the surface, if needed. Take care not to damage the liner when doing this.

Examples to grow:

  • Pygmy water lily, such as Nymphaea ‘Pygmaea Alba’,
  • Water hawthorn
  • Small Iris, such as Iris laevigata
  • Elodia Crispa
  • Brooklime, Veronica beccabunga
  • Water Mint, Mentha Aquatica
  • Any small aquatic marginal plants that won't grow too vigorously

Speak to your local aquatic retailer or a specialist pond plant supplier for more options.

Step 1 - Identify a suitable area where your new water feature can be placed, make sure the ground area is level and free from stones.

Step 2 -  Carefully remove components from the box and lay them on a flat surface. There are three parts to assemble – the feature construction (A), the power set (B) and the water fountain (C).

A - Assemble the feature construction

Step 3 -  Assemble panel A (part 1) and the panel labelled B (part 2) using 2 of the provided Terrace Pool Panel Screws (part 4) using the pre-drilled holes provided on panel A. the screws should line up with the nuts embedded in panel B. Please note Panels A and B have an extension on the bottom batten which will act as a guide to the placement of the Separator Board in a later step that forms the compartment for the Easy power system.

Step 4 -  Now attach the panel labelled C (part 3) to panel A using 2 of the Terrace Pool Panel Screws (part 4), again using the pre-drilled holes provided on panel C, lining up with the embedded nuts in panel A.

Step 5 -  Continue adding panel C to the preceding panel until the Octagon shape is completed.

Step 6 -  Now with the octagon shape complete you can create the power set compartment. Place (part 7) separator board between panels A and B and screw into place with separator board screws (part 15).

Step 7 -  Attach the Terrace Pool Liner (part 16) to the wooden frame using the Terrace Pool Liner Screws (part 5). The liner has pre-drilled holes to enable easy assembly. Note there is a flat section to the liner that matches the power set compartment. Start between panels A and B to ensure the shape is correctly aligned.

Step 8 -  Place the Triangular Top part 6 on the compartment made behind the separator board between panels A and B to hide the power set.

Setting up diagram 1 Liberty Octagon Terrace Pool

B - Install the Powerset

Step 9 -  Run the blue plug from Pump (part 8) into the compartment behind the Separator Board and out through the Power set cut-out on panel A. Connect the blue plug to the Blue socket on the Power set (part 12).

Step 10 -  Run the orange plug from the LED Light (part 9) into the compartment behind the Separator Board and out through the Power set cut-out on panel A. Connect the orange plug to the Orange socket on the Power set (part 12)

Step 11 -  Insert the Power set (part 12) into the cut-out on panel A, ensuring the yellow cap for the solar panel optionalupgrade socket is firmly shut if not used.

Step 12 -  Insert the Rechargeable Battery (part 13) into the Power set, then into the panel cut-out in panel A.


Step 13 -  Place the Triangular top across the compartment made behind the separator board between panels A and B.

Setting up Diagrams 2 Liberty Octagon Terrace Pool

C - Assemble the water feature

Step 14 -  Attach the pump outlet adaptor to the pump. Connect the extension tubes and attach this to the pump outlet adaptor. Push the LED light through the tubes. Connect the water flow valve with the top tube. The valve allows you to adjust the water flow. Connect the fountain head adaptor with the water flow valve. Select a fountain head of your choice and attach this to the fountain head adaptor. See diagram for completed installation.

Step 15 -  Place the feature in your chosen location and fill the features reservoir with water, making sure the pump Is fully submerged. The recommended amount of water is 182 litres (40 gallons).

IMPORTANT: Place the Liner underlay on the ground in the location for the feature. Note the liner is not guaranteed without the liner underlay in position to protect it from piercing. Place the feature on the underlay in your chosen position.

Step 16 -  Twist the locking nut on the dark green door on the front of the control panel. Insert the yellow lithium battery and close the door, twist the locking nut to ensure no moisture can get to the battery. The feature is now ready for use and is designed to turn on/off with the manual button or the built in timer functions for 2/3/4 hour intervals can be used.

Step 17 -  The battery comes with a small pre-charge power for immediate use. For best results, it is advised to charge the battery fully before using it for the first time. In order to charge the battery to full power, you can use the provided USB charger and cable with micro USB connector to charge the battery in the home (part 14). A Red indicator light will illuminate while the battery is charging. When the battery has full power, the indicator light will turn Green. Charging the battery will take approximately 5 hours.

Setting up Diagram 3 Liberty Octagon Terrace Pool

Step 18 - Using the control panel:

Timer function modes (A,B): Press the timer function mode switch (A) to select the desired time, press this switch repeatedly to select the required time 2, 3 or 4 hours (B). The indicator light on the timer function modes will illuminate blue on the selected time (B). The timer mode will now come on every day at the same time for the same length of time. For example: If you require the feature to come on every day at 5pm for 2 hours you will need to press the timer function mode switch (A) on at 5pm and until the blue indicator light is lit under the number 2 (B). The feature will now come on every day at 5pm for 2 hours, This process can be repeated for the 3 and 4 hour settings.

Continual use or Sun only mode (C):

Press the on/off switch (C). The power indicator light will illuminate to show that the feature has been switched on (D). The feature will now run continuously until the battery runs out of power. If the optional solar panel upgrade has been installed the feature will run continuously all the time the panel receives energy from the sun and the battery still has charge. The solar panel will run and re-charge your feature for you, reducing the need to manually re-charge your battery.

Liberty Easy Power System

5 Watt Solar Panel Upgrade

Unique solar 'run & recharge' upgrade for your Liberty Water Feature

High Power, eco solar panel

  • Runs the feature whilst also charging the batter
  • Fast transfer of energy from solar to charge the battery
  • Continuous battery charging, even when on stand by
  • Flexible solar panel location, 16' cable supplied
  • Includes mounting bracket and ground spike

Solar Panel Positioning

Positioning the solar panel to face South as much as possible to make the most of the daylight house. It's important to angle the solar panel itself in between 30 to 45 degrees against the vertical ground spike (see diagram). Ensure the solar panel is not shaded by trees, shrubs or buildings (see diagram below)

Liberty Octagon Terrace Pool Solar Panel Upgrade

Care Instructions

  • If pump starts to lose power, recharge battery.
  • If the feature becomes dusty or dirty, clean with a dry cloth. Do not use detergent as it may discolour the product
  • Remove battery before storing
  • Store in a cool and dry location
  • During winter we recommend that you remove the battery, empty out all water and store your fountain and all components



Pump: DC 6.5 - 8.0 Volt Low Voltage 1.25 Watts

LED Light 0.15 Watts

  • 180ltr/hr (48gal/hr)
  • 1.25m (4'1") max head
  • 120cm low voltage cable for pump
  • 150cm low voltage cable for LED light
  • 20cm low voltage cable ofr Y shape cable divider
  • 30cm low voltage USB cable for charger
  • IP44 for control panel
  • CE approved pump IP68

Pack Dimensions

32cm (H) x 49cm (W) x 40cm (D)

Feature Dimensions

37cm (H) x 102.5cm (W) x 96.5cm (D)

182 litres (40 gallons)

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