5w Solar Panel Upgrade

Solar panel upgrade 'run & recharge' system

The Liberty Solar Panel upgrade is designed as an additional power source for the battery-run feature. Adding the panel not only runs the feature but due to its high power absorption, and the lithium battery’s ability to take in a quick charge, it also charges the battery whilst running the feature.


Setting up and running

Assemble the Solar Panel as per the instructions, or watch the ‘How to’ video relating you your feature. Here we show the Cut Rock Feature, but all the feature videos are located on the 'How to' page.

The key to harvesting the most of the sun’s energy and benefiting from daylight hours is to position the panel accurately. Angle the panel between 30 – 45 degrees against the vertical ground and ensure it won’t be shaded by trees or buildings.  The panel comes with 5 metres of cable, so flexible enough to locate the panel correctly.

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Upgrading to the Solar Panel:

Adding the Solar Panel Upgrade to your Liberty feature allows you to harness the power of the sun to run your feature. The unique ‘run and recharge’ technology, along with a Lithium battery, mean that, in good sunlight the feature should run continuously for many days, or even weeks without having to be charged indoors.

Go to the ‘how to’ page for videos on installing the Solar Panel to your feature. 

Keeping the panel clean

It is important to keep the panel clean from dust and dirt to get the best from it. Wipe the panel with a damp, soft cloth and dry.

  • High power, eco solar panel
  • Runs the feature whilst also charging the battery
  • Fast transfer of energy from solar to charge the battery
  • Continuous battery charging, even when on stand-by
  • Flexible solar panel location, 16’ cable supplied
  • Includes mounting bracket and ground spike

Technical data

  • 5 Watt - 9 Volt - 555mA
  • 5m cable
  • 51.2cm (H) ground spike
  • approved IP44

Pack dimensions

  • 31.5cm (W) x 5.5cm (D) x 27cm (H)

Solar panel dimensions

  • 27cm (W) x 23.5cm (D) x 52cm (H) (fully assembled)

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