Mabel Vole

Floating Water Spitter Figurine

Mabel will bob around your pond on her bottle, spitting water and creating beautiful relaxing ripples

Setting up and running
  • Freedom to instantly run without the need for mains power
  • Solar panel with integrated battery backup system for greater running time in poor weather
  • Gently pulsing water jet creates a relaxing attractive water feature


Rosie Hedgehog Feature Pump and Solar Battery System

Step 1
Identify a suitable area within the pond to place your floating mini feature. Attach the black hose to the hose connector on the mini feature figure and the other end on to the pump.

Place the feature along with the attached pump into the pond, the feature will float with the pump attached. Connect the end of the pump's power lead to the rear connector of the supplied solar panel and position the solar panel where it will receive the sun's light for the longest (see graphic below). The feature will not start to work once the solar panel has received enough charge from the sun.

Remember that your feature will pulse water and not run continuously due to its innovative pulse technology which means the feature and its batter will run for longer (see step 4)

Please note that in order to keep your floating spitters in position you can use the supplied net bags and cord to anchor them in place. Simply fill the next bags with gravel and measure the cord to the correct depth of your pond and tie to the eyelets on the feature and the net bags. These will act as an anchor and stop the spitter from moving around.

Step 2
Join the bracket, tube and spike together and then attach the solar panel to the bracket. Slide the bracket into the bracket slot in the backside of solar panel.

You can also find a short tube with screws holes in the tube base. This part is provided for wall mounting if need it.

Step 3
Insert the spike into the ground. Position the solar panel to face South as much as possible to make the most of the daylight hours. It’s important to locate the solar panel in the place where the solar panel is not shaded by trees, thrubs or buildings.

Step 4
Solar Powered Pulse Timing Function:
The mini water features are designed to spout water intermittently and the pump will work at a pulse timing mode of approximately 2 seconds on and 5 seconds off as long as the battery has received enough charge from the solar panel. Positioning your solar panel correctly is very important as this will supply your battery with its maximum charge as shown in step 3

Setting up Mabel Vole water spitter and solar panel

Technical data

  • DC 6 Volt Low Voltage Pump
  • Pump: 0.72 Watts
  • 150lt/hr (48gal/hr)
  • 71cm (2'4") max head
  • 200cm low voltage cable for pump
  • CE approved IP68 for pump
  • Solar Panel 0.8 Watt - 5 volt - 160mA
  • Ni-MH batter pack AAA 3.6 Volt/300mA
  • 40.5cm (H)ground spike
  • Assembled solar panel IP44 CE approved

Pack dimensions
17.5cm (H) x 28cm (W) x 20cm (D)
Feature Dimentions
23cm (H) x 7cm (W) x 11cm (D)

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