Textaline Planter Fountains

Inject life into any dull area with this modern planter water feature with LED lights, designed to complement contemporary garden furniture. Click on the image below for more information.


Inject life into any dull area with this modern planter water feature with LED lights, designed…

Enjoy the sights and sounds of running water

Quick and easy to install, you’ll be enjoying the calming benefits of the gentle sounds of moving water, in just minutes. The smart, stylish Textaline Feature introduced four rills of waterfall, as well as the bubbling top.

Add plants and encourage wildlife to your garden

Not only is it attractive for you, but adding plants, flowers and a safe hiding place will increase the appeal of your feature for wildlife. Birds, frogs and insects will all be grateful for the provision of water, food and a place to hide, whilst you enjoy their beauty and the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your bit to help.

Attractive LED lighting

Extend your summer evening enjoyment and be the envy of your BBQ guests, or brighten up those long autumn evenings with the LED lighting incorporated in your feature. The light travels up through the waterfall rills and creates a peaceful ambience and captivating ripple effects.

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