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1. Using the Remote Control
2. Features & Specification

Your Liberty Feature is designed to be turned on/off with the remote control. With dry hands, slide the button cover open and pull up the aerial. Press the time option required.

To replace the battery, unscrew and remove the back of the remote handset. Carefully turn the board over and push the spent battery down and out. Replace the spent battery with 1 new CR2032 battery. Slide the new battery in, making sure the battery positive (+) is face up. Return the board and back and re screw together. This is standard battery which can be purchased at any hardware store or supermarket.

The Remote Control handset is also available as a spares accessory (part number 1052719), so should you lose or damage it, you can replace it.

Remote control battery model  #CR2032 (Lithium battery, 3V).

Are you looking for a larger feature to keep fish or set up a pond?

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